Sometimes being a parent can be a stressful and busy job, but when the kids are all tired out and finally fast asleep that’s when us mums can finally have a bit of time to ourselves to unwind and relax. It isn’t always easy for parents to get to enjoy their hobbies when the kids are around and it can often seem like our days are full of watching children’s TV shows and playing games! So after much thought I have come up with a few top online activities you can get involved with to make your evenings a bit more fun:

Become a blogger

A pastime which has grown massively in popularity over recent years is the amount of the writers taking to the internet and blogging their views. You can literally talk about whatever you like and you can update your site whenever you have the chance as it is very time flexible. It is also a great way to share your opinion and give advice to your fellow bloggers and friends.

Try your hand at online gaming

There has been a boom in online casino sites in modern society, becoming a popular hobby, and in some cases a job, for many gamers. One of the major reasons for an increase in online gamers is mainly due the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, with more people enjoying the aspects of playing on the go and with friends. With online casinos, you can undertake tutorials to help you understand the games before having a go, as well as setting limits on how much you want to play with and gaining free bonuses and prizes. On these sites you can play the likes of blackjack and online roulette, so there are plenty of games which you can try out.

Get addicted to boxsets

You can’t go anywhere these days without getting involved in a conversation about Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or any other hit US TV show. But sometimes you may feel left out as you haven’t got a clue about it! So why not use your free time to start watching some of the best box sets on offer, by subscribing to an online provider. The likes of Netflix not only have a great spread of TV shows, but also a wide variety of films from all niches and eras meaning you can even justify this one for yourself by letting the kids watch when they are awake.

I would love to hear some of my readers ideas of online hobbies for mums so feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below as well 🙂

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