Slowly but surely as time goes on I will be adding reviews, musings and general rants of places, things and experiences we have along our journeys. If anyone has a particular request for a review I am more than happy to have a go so please just let me know… Here are a few brands I have worked with in the past and hope to work with again.



All opinions are my own…. and i will not sugar coat or bend the truth as I honestly believe this defeats the whole object of a review in general. But if you are interested in an honest and unbiased perspective on anything, you are in the right place.

I am always happy to hear from brands about products, events and projects that may be relevant to me and my family. We live in Cardiff, but can travel if it’s something mega exciting or pretty much if you are offering to feed my tribeswomen (The Girls – Aged 12, 6 and 2 years) and get me out of cooking for the day.

If you still want to get in Contact and run the gauntlet of my honesty, please message through our social media channels or via


Instagram: rhiannon_mummywants

Twitter: @mummywants



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