I am, like many mothers, a huge pink lining changing bag fan. For those who have not heard of Pink lining they are the amazing company behind yummy mummy bags with the famous pink lining inside.

Things have moved forward quite a fair bit in this household though and the need for changing bags has long since passed 🙁

This does not mean my bank balance has escaped this bag obsession however, as pink Lining now do a whole range of different bags including now these gorgeous Satchels for children!

My youngest is starting nursery this year, something she is ecstatic about and she just cant wait to go. So everything school orientated is top of her list at the moment. She was, therefore,  very lucky to be sent a GORGEOUS Picture Satchel in Little Lady print from Pink Lining themselves, and my Little Lady thinks it is just fabulous.

The pink lining satchel has a great see through pocket on the front so you can draw your own picture and proudly display it for everyone to admire and the famous pink lining, of course. It has a carry handle as well as adjustable shoulder straps and the print is beautiful we have already had a fair few comments from family and friends!


The Picture satchels are currently available in 4 different designs and retail at £20 (dimensions of which are 31(L) x 27(H) x 8(W) cm) We love ours and my youngest cannot wait to take it to nursery and show it off to all her new friends!

Pink Lining have an amazing range of children’s bags now and they are available from http://www.pinklining.com/uk/ as well as now being available to buy in Mamas and Papas.

We are also lucky enough to have a very special competition prize from pink lining up for grabs head over to the pink lining competition post below for more details!

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