Some of my readers may have seen my announcements on twitter or Facebook and know I am currently expecting my 3rd little bambino! It’s crazy and exciting time all rolled into one, but sometimes it can be a little scary, even for us ladies who are already mummies.

It seems so much changes so quickly and with it being 5 years since I had my last daughter I feel somewhat out of touch with pregnancy. With my first I knew everything there was to know, read every book and really immersed myself into the whole shebang! With my second I was a lot more laid back and took most of it in my stride but now 10 years after I had my first I am really feeling the years and finding pregnancy a very different experience.

The first thing you seem to forget is just how much you worry. I have honestly worried about EVERYTHING from whether I was really pregnant or not (at the beginning before the undeniable bump appeared and I had my 1st scan) to whether everything would be ok at my scan, whether my very strange and vivid dreams were perhaps omens, if my children will cope, if I will cope…. but I could spout on for hours, honestly the list is endless!

The most important thing that gets me through, is the fact that I know I have worried about all this before…. and I honestly was fine. Nothing is perfect as they say and I did have a few problems when I had my eldest and this made the 2nd time round a little nerve-wracking but all went fine with a normal birth and no complications. I hope this time is the same but of course we cannot control everything and I feel ready to take on whatever the birth throws at me.

I have found some amazing solace in a due date group on Facebook, I would recommend to anyone who feels they need a little camaraderie to have a look and possibly join one…. a small word of warning though, although these groups can be amazingly supportive it is important you find a nice one…. I have not been on the receiving end myself but I have noticed, as it can be with women (especially pregnant ones), that sometimes hormones can rage and the odd bit of nastiness and cattiness can creep out especially when personal things are being discussed. It is important that you do what you feel is best for you, and if a group is getting too much for you, find a new one or even make your own, all groups have to start somewhere after all.

I am hoping to update on here throughout the rest of my pregnancy, I would love to hear from you other mummies to be out there who are currently pregnant as well so please comment below, follow my blog and say hello… it’s an important time for us all and would be lovely to share the highs and the lows together 😀

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